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국제표준과 통계적 분석을 통한 LED Package 수명 비교 연구
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In an attempt to estimate the life projection of LED packages, IESNA published a paper regarding an LED package measurement test method in 2008, and a life projection technical document in 2011, to be used for LED life estimation. IESNA’s publications regarding LED package measurement methods were functional, but they were not internationally standardized before 2017. In order to develop a standardized method, the International Standard chose to use the LM-80 as a measurement method for LED life projection in their publication in 2017. Many projection methods have been discussed by the IEC Technical Committee 34 working group, including the method using an exponential function, which reflects lumen degradation characteristics well. This study is designed to explore alternative LED package life estimation methods using an exponential function with statistical analysis, other than the one suggested by the International Standard.