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분산형 음형 검지 기술 활용한 레일절손 위치 검지 방안
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Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology is a technology that measure vibrations around the fiber optic cable by sending and receiving signals of a specific frequency to the cable. Recently, many studies have been conducted to apply that technology to the fields of power transmission, oil transmission, and railroad. The broken rail detection is one of the representative applications of DAS technology on railroad. It aims to prevent a major accident such as derailment by detecting the location where the rail is broken, prohibiting access to subsequent trains, and rapidly repairing them. The vibration and noise generated by mechanical friction and impact between the train wheels and rails are transmitted to the optical cable buried along the track, and the DAS device records them according to time and location. However, because the collected vibration data varies depending on the trackside environment, the type and the speed of train, it is impossible to simply determine whether the rail is damaged or not and detect the position only with the magnitude of the vibration. In this paper we propose an algorithm that determines rail breakage and detects location using the characteristics of DAS technology that detects vibrations propagated as the train approaches. It is shown that the proposed algorithm can be applied to real systems by applying it to to the data measured on the real test track.