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인간의 심장 박동에 따라 변화하는 신호 파장 분석을 이용한 생체 지문 보안 강화에 관한 연구
IT소재부품, 해외동향, IT부품정보, IT부품정보 네트워크,
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A method of security enhancement for biometric fingerprint recognition technology to prevent fingerprint spoofing (the production of a spoofed fingerprint with materials such as silicone, gelatin, paper, film, and rubber for criminal purpose) attack is proposed in this study. To prevent spoofing, human heartbeat signal wavelength information is used. There are characteristic differences in analyzed wavelength signals of fingerprints of real persons and spoofed fingerprints. We investigated the distribution of signals induced by such differences using input light sources such as red, infrared, and green. A classification threshold was set for each light source based on the difference between the actual and spoofed fingerprints, and it was used in implementing a system. The system was validated using an objective test from Korea Internet and Security Agency. Our method showed a 100% spoof detection rate and 0% spoof acceptance rate as it never once allowed an attack.