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Dual-Coupled Inductor High Gain DC/DC Converter with Ripple Absorption Circuit
IT소재부품, 해외동향, IT부품정보, IT부품정보 네트워크,
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High-gain DC/DC converters have become one of the key technologies for the grid-connected operation of new energy power generation, and its research provides a significant impetus for the rapid development of new energy power generation. Inspired by the transformer effect and the ripple-suppressed ability of a coupled inductor, a double-coupled inductor high gain DC/DC converter with a ripple absorption circuit is proposed in this paper. By integrating the diode-capacitor voltage multiplying unit into the quadratic Boost converter and assembling the independent inductor into the magnetic core of structure coupled inductors, the adjustable range of the voltage gain can be effectively extended and the limit on duty ratio can be avoided. In addition, the volume of the magnetic element can be reduced. Very small ripples of input current can be obtained by the ripple absorption circuit, which is composed of an auxiliary inductor and a capacitor. The leakage inductance loss can be recovered to the load in a switching period, and the switching-off voltage spikes caused by leakage inductance can be suppressed by absorption in the diode-capacitor voltage multiplying unit. On the basis of the theoretical analysis, the feasibility of the proposed converter is verified by test results obtained by simulations and an experimental prototype.