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Phase-Shift Triple Full-Bridge ZVZCS Converter with All Soft Switched Devices
IT소재부품, 해외동향, IT부품정보, IT부품정보 네트워크,
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This paper proposes a Phase-Shift Triple Full-Bridge (PSTB) Zero-Voltage Zero-Current-Switching (ZVZCS) converter with a high switching frequency and high efficiency. In the proposed converter, all three bridge legs are shared leading-legs, and all three transformers work in the Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM). Thus, all of the switches and diodes in the PSTB ZVZCS can be soft switched. Moreover, since all of the transformers can pass energy from the primary-side to the secondary- side when their primary-side currents are not zero, there is no circulating current. As a result, the PSTB ZVZCS converter can achieve a high efficiency at high operating frequencies. A theoretical analysis and the characteristics of the proposed converter are presented and verified on a 1MHz 200~300V/24V 1.2kW hardware prototype. The proposed converter can reach a peak efficiency of 96.6%.