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In order to fabricate high-quality SiC substrates for power electronic devices, various single crystal growing methods were prepared. These include the physical vapor transport (PVT) and top seeded solution growth (TSSG) methods. All the suggested SiC growth methods generally use induction-heating furnaces. The temperature distribution in this system can be easily adjusted by changing the hot-zone design. Moreover, precise temperature control in the induction-heating furnace is favorably required to grow a high-quality crystal. Therefore, in this study, we analyzed the heat transfer in these furnaces to grow SiC crystals. As the growth temperature of SiC crystals is very high, we evaluated the effect of radiation heat transfer on the temperature distribution in induction-heating furnaces. Based on our simulation results, a heat transfer strategy that controls the radiation heat transfer was suggested to obtain the optimal temperature distribution in the PVT and TSSG methods.