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슬래그 원료를 사용해서 제조된 유리섬유의 점탄성 특성
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This study investigated the influence of the viscoelastic property of slag when producing glass fiber, MFS631 with 60% of manganese slag, 30% of steel slag, and 10% of silica stone. To fabricate the MFS631 glass bulk, slag materials were placed in an alumina crucible, melted at 1,550C for 2 h, and then annealed at 600C for 2 h. It was found that glass is non-crystalline through X-ray diffraction analysis. MFS631 fiber was produced at speed in the range of 100~300 rpm at 1,150C. The loss modulus (G") and storage modulus (G') of the produced glass fiber were evaluated at high temperatures. G' and G" of MFS631 were greater than 893C, and the modulus value was 136,860 pa. This is similar to the results of a general E-glass fiber graph. Therefore, it was concluded that its spinnability is similar to that of E-glass fiber; therefore, it can be commercialized.