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이온 교환 수지에 대한 금속 이온의 흡착 거동 및 메카니즘 연구
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Adsorption of Fe, Co(2), Cu(2), Zn(2) and K(1) by strong acid resins, Dowex 50WX2 200-400 (H) and Amberlite IRP-69, was studied to investigate the adsorption behaviors and mechanism in single-metal and multi-metal systems. The results showed that 99.9% Fe(3) can be removed by Dowex 50WX2 200-400 (H) in 100 min ([Fe]< 40 mg/L, resin amount = 50 mg, pH = 3.0, 60C). Mechanism studies revealed that Langmuir model and pseudo-second-order kinetic equation illustrate better fit for the adsorption of Fe. Furthermore, the investigations on multi-metal adsorption indicated that resins display a similar adsorption ratio for the same-valence metal ions (Co(2) = Cu(2) =Zn(2)), and a more selective adsorption for high-valence metal ions than low-valence metal ions (Fe(3) > Co(2) > K(1)).The above results can be used for the treatment of wastewater and the recovery of metals from the spent catalysts.