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In this paper, we designed a new antireflective film to improve the optical efficiency of organic light-emitting diode displays (OLEDs). The reflection characteristics in the normal and side viewing directions of OLEDs with the antireflective film were calculated, depending on the degree of polarization and transmittance of the currently used polarizer when used in the antireflective film of an OLED. The results showed that when the polarization degree of the commercial polarizer (99.990~99.995%) is lowered to 99.900%, the average reflectance of the antireflective film is increased by about 0.1% (2.5% in terms of rate of increase) which is difficult to notice with the human eye, while the transmittance is increased by 1.63~3.34% (4.2~8.2% in terms of rate of increase). This study provides an optimal design for high-light-efficiency OLEDs with good antireflection properties.