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교류구동방식에 의한 형광 OLED의 주파수 응답 특성
IT소재부품, 해외동향, 전자정보디바이스, LED, IT부품정보, IT부품정보 네트워크, 부품, GreenIT,
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To study the frequency response characteristics of alternating-current-driven organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), we fabricated blue-fluorescent OLEDs and analyzed their electroluminescent characteristics according to the alternating current voltage and frequency. The luminance-frequency characteristics of alternating-current-driven OLED was similar to that of a low-pass filter,and the luminance of high-voltage OLED decreased at higher frequency than low-voltage OLED. The luminance characteristics of the OLED according to the frequency is due to the capacitive reactance in the OLED, generated during the alternating current driving. The frequency response characteristics of the OLED according to the voltage is due to the decrease in internal resistance of the organic layer. In addition, the negative voltage component of the alternating current did not affect the frequency response of the OLED. Therefore, the electroluminescent characteristics of OLED with an alternating current power of 60 Hz are not influenced by the frequency.