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형광체 종류와 조성비에 따른 고연색 백색 LED의 색품질 평가
IT소재부품, 해외동향, 전자정보디바이스, LED, IT부품정보, 부품, GreenIT,
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Eight types of LED packages were manufactured according to the type and composition ratio of phosphors by using commercially available white LED phosphors. CRI (Ra), a conventional color quality evaluation method was evaluated by using manufactured white LED; the Rf, Rg, color vector graphic, and color distortion graphic were evaluated with a new method, IES TM-30-15. The results of the evaluation confirmed that the new method compensated for the disadvantages of CRI, which was found to be inadequate when the color was saturated. The added evaluation index identified the chroma variation and color change. Furthermore, the study showed that the changes of Rf and Rg are small when controlling phosphors based on CRI, questioningthe necessity of identifyingchroma variation and color change.