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2018 White Paper on Korean Games - SUMMARY (영문요약본)
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The scale of Korea’s game market was 13 trillion 142 billion and 3 million KRW in 2017; this is a 20.6% increase from the 10 trillion 894 billion and 5 million KRW of 2016. Korea’s game industry experienced continuous growth from 2007 up to 2012, suffered 0.3% a small decline in 2013, and managed growth again starting from 2014; in 2017, the industry achieved significant growth.
Numerous changes occurred in Korea’s game industry in 2017. Aside from significant increase of sales for developers and publishers, mobile games surpassed PC games as the platform with the largest sales. sales-wise, mobile games achieved 6 trillion 210 billion and 2 million KRW (a share of 47.3%), which had the largest growth compared to volume of the previous year. PC games achieved 4 trillion, 540 billion and 9 million KRW (share of 34.6%), which is similar to last year in terms of sales. However, the market share of PC games decreased. The next was Internet cafes and console games that reached 1 trillion and 760 billion KRW (share of 13.4%) and 374 billion and 4 million (share of 2.8%) respectively.