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2015 White Paper On Korean Games - SUMMARY
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The Korean game market is estimated to have expanded by 2.6% to KRW 9.9706 trillion in 2014 from KRW 9.7197 trillion in 2013. This figure is truly meaningful for the market in that it succeeded in rebounding after the shock of the previous year 2013 which suffered its first contraction since 2007.

In 2014, the Korean game market continued its concentration around a few platforms as it did in the previous year. Online games accounted for 55.6% of the market with KRW 5.5425 trillion, followed by mobile games with KRW 2.9136 trillion (29.2%) and PC rooms with KRW 1.2277 trillion (12.3%). Combined, these three sectors accounted for 97.2% of the total market size, a figure similar to that of the previous year (97.1%).