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2016 5G White Paper - 5G Service Roadmap 2022
5G Forum
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Chapter 0. Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Overview
Chapter 2. Market Analysis of 5G Mobile Services
Chapter 3. 5G Mobile Service Scenario
Chapter 4. 5G Service Roadmap and Network Requirements
As information and communications technologies (ICT) and corresponding applications have developed and have been evolving since the 1980s, ICT, they have become regarded as key elements for social and economic development in that they succeeded in creating new benefits and/or conveniences which humans were not able to enjoy before. For example, when 4G networks were launched, people started to experience broadband services on mobile devices, which are equivalent to the performance of computers connected to the wired Internet.
However, with 4G technologies, there are still barriers to provide services requiring both real-time response and big data sizes, which are expected to be a key requirement of future services. For example, the current 4G/LTE network is not able to provide instantaneous cloud services to mobile users which can enable people to have desktop-like experiences on the go as such cloud based services are expected to be much more commonly accessible by the public in societies of the 2020s. In addition, it would take longer than 7 minutes 17 seconds to download a movie with 4 Giga Bytes (GB) size through a commercial LTE network. Furthermore, the LTE network can provide high quality video experience to only a limited number of mobile users simultaneously.